Portable Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard Lazer Projector Wireless

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Portable Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard Lazer Projector Wireless

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Black KB560S
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-Mini English QWERTY keyboard layout. works with all smart phones (typing function)
-Truly portable design: perfect for on-the-go.
-White version: Built-in Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery for mobility and convenience
- Compatible with latest operating systems: for Windows Phone 7 & above, for iOS4 and above, for Android 2.1, and above

There are two laser keyboards:
The black classic and white upgrade version (with bracket and mobile power function) , they are distinguished as follows. Please order according to your actual needs


1. is it possible to have this keyboard in xxx languages layout? How about the input method?
This product is just a English keyboard projector, the projected keyboard is only in query layout English keys, the keys can not be changed. As for the input method, usually input in English, if you do not want English input, you can try to press shift (or ctr)+ space to switch to other input languages, we are not guarantee 100% can switch successfully as different smartphones have
different settings and operate system, it depends on your phone's own settings and its own input method, per our customer's experience, most of them can switch to other languages. Here are some tips on how to switch input languages:
1). Android system: press shift + space
2) Apple and windows system: press ctr+space

2. Does it work with pc/tablet/smart phones?
Our products work with all smart phones as long as the smart phones have the b-1-u-e-t-o-o-t--h一 (namely bt), then the products can link with them. It can be also linked with PCs and tablets via b-1-u-e-t-o-o-t-h一adaptor, if your pc and tablet does not has the bt, need to buy the bt adaptor separately